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2019 Fall 

I am thrilled to continue my fifth year in braiding and beading in kumihimo.  Orignially Kumihimo, 'the gathering of threads', was a craft Japanese men used to accent their ceremonial dress.   Today kimihimo has been embraced in jewelry making and accessorizing.


I enjoy the creativity of using different fibers in my braided jewelry combined with a variety of colorful beads. My multimedia creations, completed on a kumihimo disk or a traditional marudai, can be made to augment one of your own pendants or an assortment of pendants I incorporate, into necklaces and bracelets.  Especially striking, is repurposing vintage pieces into a contemporary colorful look that allows you to wear your treasured pieces.


My pieces can be seen at shows in Tucson, Arizona and surrounding areas.  See my CONTACT PAGE for scheduled events.  Also email or message me for purchasing information.





Braided & Beaded

jewelry artistry

Arco/Menos(butterfly beaded bracelet

Lovely bracelets in a variety of colors.  Design by Pru McRae.
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